Packing Services

If you would like to try and forget about the stress and strain of moving house, perhaps we can provide either a part or full packing service for you. Our staff have been trained to ensure that the items we pack arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

There are two main options, with variations available (more details available by request).

Part Packing Service

If, for insurance purposes, you would like us to pack a special dinner service and/or glassware and breakables, we can price this service per large carton (18" x 18" x20"), thus keeping cost to a minimum. We will use our quality packing cartons, packing paper and bubble wrap for this task ensuring that your precious items are transported safely to your new home, thus reducing the overall quantity of packing substantially.

If you have one or two large pictures and mirrors, we can pack these on an individual basis.

You may wish us to pack your clothing into our garment transporters. We can do this on the morning of the removal, ensuring the minimum of inconvenience if you need a varied amount of clothing up to the removal day, particularly useful if you need to utilise a business wardrobe.

Full Packing Service

If the whole task of packing seems endless and something you would like to avoid altogether, why not allow us to pack all your belongings ready for the removal day. Again we will use our specialist packing materials, including cartons, garment transporters and linen bags to ensure that your possessions arrive at your destination in perfect condition.

We will take special care of fragile items and ornate furniture, items which need attention at the packing stage, ensuring that they travel safely to your new home.

Professional packing of clothing and linen can save you the additional cost of dry cleaning bills and endless washing when you really want to be settling into your new home.

We will arrange a time at your convenience, either the day before or, several days before your removal, for us to come and pack your belongings, therefore...

...You really can enjoy your removal day and relax knowing that all your packing requirements are in safe hands with A.C. Bennett

Packing Materials

To ensure that your personal belongings are transported safely to your new home we recommend that you use top quality, professional packing materials. We are able to supply a comprehensive range of packing materials on a 'purchase and return surplus' basis and we are confident that they are purpose made for your removal as we have used these products ourselves for many years.

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