At Bennetts of Malvern we like to think that you are contacting us via a recommendation from family or friends, many of our customers use us because our reputation in the locality is second to none. However, if our name is new to you, allow us to acquaint you with 'our way' of doing things.

Moving house is something that most people do three or four times in their whole lives. Some of our customers, often for employment relocation reasons, have used us in excess of ten times. When you are moving your home, containing all the things that you have acquired over many years, or perhaps recent wedding gifts, you want to be confident that every detail is in safe hands.

We believe that our Customer Care is the best in the area. We work to ensure that we give you every assistance in the planning of your move from your first contact whether by telephone, fax, e-mail, or in person. We will give you ultimate peace of mind on removal day.

As Proprietors, Alan and Judith Bennett, are personally involved at all levels in their business, as they feel that personal service is the best service - we know that this works because our customers tell us so!

We are there to hold your hand - whether you are moving 200 yards or 200 miles! We are available with help and advice at all times to ensure that you are looked after during your removal, from the initial consultation through to locating a favourite teddy after the move - attention to detail is our speciality and we think communication is the key to our success.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us

Specialist services

At Bennetts of Malvern we ensure that all of your personal items can be transported with the proper care and attention required for your more unusual items. For more information feel free to contact us


We specialise in the removals of pianos; although as a great many of our personal household moves now include pianos they are almost a standard item for us to move!

We can undertake anything from an upright piano, right up to a full size concert grand piano.

We have the appropriate equipment and specialist staff to ensure that your piano is moved safely and securely to it's new home.

This service can be offered as part of your complete household removal or simply for your piano alone.

Fine Art

Our staff are highly skilled at identifying quality pieces of furniture that require specialist packing and handling to ensure their safe transportation to their final destination.

We will always ask you to identify your special items so that they receive special care for additional safety in transit.

We use only specialist packing materials to achieve maximum safety. We even supply hand made crating, constructed in house for fragile 'high value' items.


If you cannot ride your motorbike to your new home personally, we can include the transportation of your bike as part of our removal service. A separate insurance valuation may be required dependant upon the age and condition of your bike.

Do you need a quotation straight away?

We appreciate that our customers often have busy lives at work and home, and cannot accomodate our estimators visit.

Our 'Household Contents' and 'Proposal Form' will provide our office with enough information to enable us to forward our quotation for your moving and/or storage requirements. Please click below to enter our secure online form section.

Household contents (If you have any difficulties feel free to email us)

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Moving is made easy at Bennetts of MalvernMoving is made easy at Bennetts of MalvernMoving is made easy at Bennetts of Malvern