Why is storage your best option?

At Bennetts of Malvern, we specialise in all aspects of storage, whether it is personal household effects, commercial goods or documents/archiving. Our containers are purpose built for our industry and are available in two sizes with various internal options to suit our customer's requirements. They offer:


A list of contents is made for each container whilst it is packed and every customer receives their personal copy to retain. The container is closed and sealed whilst still at your property, giving you maximum security and peace of mind.


Once your goods have been containerised, they cannot be mislaid or lost.


Once your goods have been containerised, you are ensuring the minimum amount of handling, this reduces the risk of damage to a minimum. Storing in a warehouse without containers involves handling you furniture four times; containerised furniture is only handled twice.


Your goods are stored in personally allocated containers, completely separate from any other customer's effects. Our containers were brand new for our use and are well maintained to ensure that your precious belongings remain dust-free and protected.

Whether you require storage overnight, several days, weeks, months or even years, our purpose built containerised facility can accommodate your possessions and keep them safe, clean and secure. Storage can give you chance to chose your new property without feeling hurried because you need to find somewhere to buy quickly. You can sell up and rent, making you the equivalent of a first time buyer with "money in the bank" ready and waiting for the right house.

Our specialist removal vehicles (pantechnicons) are used to transport our containers, full of the effects removed from your property or business premises, back to our storage warehouse to be removed using our forklift. We will look after your containerised goods until you specify a delivery date. Your allocated containers will then be transported to your new property (still securely fastened) and carefully opened and unpacked. We will position your furniture under your direction and help to make your new property into your home.

We believe that containerised storage is the best option for our customers; your possessions deserve the best.

Come and visit our new modern purpose built storage facility and see where we would be storing your goods; meet our staff and discuss your personal requirements

-We are here to help and advise you throughout your move, every step of the way!

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Our purpose built premisesPurpose Built ContainersYour container is sealed for the entire duration of your storageThe up most care is taken with your goods